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Your designer, your supplier, your consultant for films and packaging

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We design structures that meet your needs.

With expertise in materials engineering and web manufacturing operations, including film extrusion, metallizing, coating, laminating and converting processes, we will leverage our experience to build a better film structure and package for you.

From the most current plastic technologies, we will build the barrier film for your critical application. We will design the breathable film for your produce application. We will assemble the laminated structure that balances all the key performance needs of your package.

Metallized and clear metal oxide applications ... we have them. Protective packaging ... it's here for you. Anti-corrosion applications ... we have the best technology in the world.

Let us in on your technical challenges, let us understand your cost issues, and we will do the research and analysis to put together the product that will meet your requirements. And this you will let you focus on running your business.

Draw on our experience ... it will pay you back.

And you will delight your customers.